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To Start Up

Starting a company is a major undertaking. As the originator of the research which the new startup is based upon, you will play an important and active role in this company.

A*ccelerate promotes entrepreneurship within the researcher community by supporting our budding technopreneurs from A*STAR’s Research Institutes who desire to spin-off their inventions. This may also include engaging experienced entrepreneurs who are keen to be part of the startup process.

Young start-ups especially those in the deep-tech space start on a journey with high failure risk, high capital needs, and a long timeframe. A*StartCentral aims to help early-stage start-ups overcome these challenges and short-cut their entrepreneurial process by offering a suite of programmes and services alongside our community of partners.  ASC also offers facilities such as wet lab and prototyping labs, all these occupying a space of over 10,000 square feet.